Okay, I am NOT an expert by any description…

That being said, from what I understand, it isn’t the EMP that we have to worry about. It’s what’s called The Compton Effect, which is more-or-less supercharging the original EMP, which is truly awful… EDIT: This takes place above the atmosphere. When a N00k is biffed at a high enough altitude, the original N00k-generated EMP will slam into the ionosphere, which sets up the Compton Effect – making the EMP much more powerful than it originally was. I’ve read the physics of it and in truth, I don’t understand all of it. What I do know is that an EMP that slams into the ionosphere = bad.

Which is thoroughly Bad News.

The rule of thumb is that the more advanced the electronics are, the more delicate they are and the more susceptible to the EMP pulse they are… older electronics – 60’s and 50’s, 40’s, etc – are more robust.

Any vehicle made after 1980 has some type of rudimentary computer in it… EFI or something. Say goodbye to those if/when an EMP hits. Older vehicles having carburetors and point-type ignition? They should be fine. Lead/acid batteries should also be fine. Because, you know, chemistry? EMP’s don’t suspend the laws of chemistry and physics, soooo..

Older electronics – like, the kinds that still use tubes? – will probably still be vulnerable. So, if you have an old radio that runs on tubes, stash away a bunch of spares. Some vehicles made after 1980 will survive, just by playing the odds… some will be parked deep underground in parking lots dotted around the country and will thus be shielded… surge protectors won’t do ****, since an EMP doesn’t follow along power lines like a lightning strike or power surge will.

Bottom line is that if you have a decent shortwave setup, then have spares squirreled away in a Faraday Cage. Same with two-way radios, any electronics you want to use post-SHTF, including night vision, etc. Even things as simple as a wristwatch will be DRT. Dead Right There. So, if you want to use it and it runs on electricity, then put it in the cage…

One decent sized N00k that’s biffed over Kansas City will still take out most of the US and parts of Canada and Mexico. If we’re gonna be hit, it will be on each coast, plus in the middle somewhere… which is really gonna suck.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1