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Bobby D- Why would God give us the ten commandments if He doesn’t expect us to follow them?
( Never did I say that we are not meant to follow these nor are these important. I said that God knew man was unable to follow these without breaking them. There is not one person alive nor dead except Jesus that can keep these commandments and God in His perfect wisdom knew we would not be able to keep them so He sent His son. Otherwise there would be no chance for any of us to make it to Heaven. If you say you never broken any of the commandments then you are not being truthful. If you have even wished someone was dead you have committed murder in your heart. If you ever took a pen or pencil from somewhere by accident, that is stealing. If you have disobeyed you parents you have dishonored your parents. If you have wanted something someone else has, you have coveted thy neighbors things. If you have told a lie, even a little white lie. So we break the Ten commandments daily and we are human and sinful by nature and yes He knows that and what a wonderful Father we have that He loves us so much that He provided us with a way to Him through His Grace and that is Jesus!

Who are the “weeds” in the parable of the wheat and the weeds, those that are separated on the last day and thrown into the fire?
( There still will be a sifting of the wheat and weeds. The weeds of course are those that refuse to believe in Jesus, The Wheat are those that believe and accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. )

When Jesus hung on the cross on the day of His crucifixion there were two thieves there with Him. The one was bitter and turned away while the other was humble and repentant, asking for mercy. Jesus said to him, this day you will be with Me in Paradise. He didn’t say that to the other one, so what happened to him?
The one that refused Christ did not get saved, He had his savior right there next to him and still refused to see him for who he was. He is sitting in hell, while the one that turned to Jesus, repented and asked the Lord for mercy is with His savior.

No Bobby D we are not all gong to heaven. It’s sad but true. I wish every person that I spoke to would receive the love of Christ and understand that we are in the end times and it’s not long before the trumpet sounds and this world experiences things they have never seen before. I wish for no person to be lost. I am grateful I know my savior and I do share who my savior is every chance I get so that maybe the Holy spirit will light the way for that person to find Him.