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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>MountainBiker wrote:</div>Last weekend I was on the party circuit visiting 3 households in MA & NH for cookouts and found myself thinking how nice and simple the lives were of the friends & relatives that I was visiting, their all being oblivious to the threats that loom.

MountainBiker – For me, the absolute hardest thing in ‘prepping’, and educating myself about the true ‘state of civilization’ on our planet has been the keeping one foot in the here and now and the other in the unknown future. A balancing act I even now have to pull myself up short often. More specifically, I mentally work on not letting ‘fear’ and ‘threats’ of some nebulous, unknown set of future events consume my life and mind. So, a few years ago I decided that, given my belief that there is some one/entity or organization with a plan for the universe (I see the evidence in my work with Mother Nature daily) that 1) I’d just do my best to be diligent, work hard to become as self-sufficient as I can and trust I will ‘know’ when I must shift into some other gear. and 2) believing as I do that ‘thoughts are things’ (i.e. you create your own reality), I try and surround myself only with positive people in my life.

I believe there is a reason why we are all here on the blue planet. Can’t tell you what that is (although I have my personal beliefs about that of course), but that there is a reason is comfort enough to me. So….that an EMP or terrorist attack on the electrical grid or some other catastrophe may happen, and many unfortunate people may perish from this life (including myself), there is still a plan although it may be impossible for us mere humans to see or understand. If you believe (as do I) that you are living but one of many lives here, and that there is someone in charge of the universe, perhaps these things need to happen to bring the earth (a living thing itself) back in to balance. Maybe there needs to be fewer people. Maybe the universe feels the only way to get humans to accept one another and our individual differences and beliefs is to allow us to create such chaos and madness for ourselves down here that we will exhaust and shock ourselves and finally see how we must learn to live. In peace and cooperation with each other. I take comfort in knowing that from chaos, order does eventually settle in – it may be we need a new way of living and being here. The current state of human civilization on the planet is certainly not working nor sustainable is it?

Despite all the bad things that would happen in another than just a localized demobilizing of the electrical grid, somewhere life will still continue and in time like a phoenix something new will arise from the ashes. I don’t see that as a bad thing. Our country is at the point, is so divided and off track, that I think only something like this – a full, sudden stop would be needed to set a new course and direction. Although it will take time. Think of how much less trouble we humans would get ourselves into and havoc we collectively could potentially reap when most of your waking days must be spent much in the outdoors, using your mind and own 2 hands to take care of our basic needs. My Grandmother was always repeating something about idleness being the devils workshop (she was very religious) and there is great truth in that statement.