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Welcome Amanda11! I understand completely your help the neighbors dilemma because I’d have a hard time myself turning anyone away that I like. I’m not sure how many people I’m prepping for and so I just keep adding to the pile. A part of the reality that many don’t want to acknowledge is that when the SHTF it will be very difficult for any family unit to just barricade themselves in their home forever. Sooner or later you will have to go outside and the odds of you fending off your entire neighborhood let alone the rest of the town are slim to none. The whole neighborhood will have to work together if it is to survive. Few will heed the prepping message beforehand, so just keep adding to your pile and be ready to organize the rest and lead them when the time comes. We preppers have the added advantage of having gone through the mental adjustment that a SHTF scenario entails. We’ve known it was possible, and perhaps probable and we won’t be like deer caught in the headlights. Many of your neighbors will, hence be ready to lead.