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Hello all. I’m new, and this will be my first group discussion post – I am honored to join you!

Everyone here brings up excellent points of debate, and in the end, it is ultimately up to each of us to determine what our idea comfort zone is in terms of Urban/Suburbia/Rural locations. I am, like Permajan, in what we’ll call a “Hybrid Suburb” setting where each neighbor has 1-2 acres of property. I already had a plan in mind when I moved here, and was pleasantly surprised to see how friendly everyone was. A week after moving in I knew ten of the fifteen families on the street, all having come over with a welcoming gift basket. NOT at all what I was expecting! After over a year here we have become very good friends with the family directly across the street (the only house we can see, actually), and more than casual neighbors with everyone else. Block parties, dinners at each other’s houses, etc. As always I keep my preparations hidden, but what I see in these people gives me hope that even those who are NOT preparing could learn quickly. Some have gardens. Some raise ducks. I think with the right leadership it could quickly become a community that banded together in defense, though time would tell. And I have no idea if any of them are just not openly preparing.

This brings me to a second unexpected situation that arose from moving to the “Hybrid Suburb”: how much I have grown to care for the neighbors we have become good friends with (Mom, Dad, two kids). I know there is a “Me and Mine” mantra that is essential, but at what point does the affection I have for these people actually MAKE them “Me and Mine”? I had more than a few hard nights thinking about that: could I live with myself if the sweet little girl across the street who literally runs out of her house every afternoon to greet me when I get home from work was dying of starvation, or if I saw her mother (who brings over plates of goodies and awesome conversation whenever she bakes, which is all the time) suffering from an infected cut I could stitch or had antibiotics for? The short answer was no. So without them knowing, I added them to my stockpile (in addition to the unprepared people I’m already accounting for), but it was enough to ease my mind that I’d be giving them a fighting chance (as well as adding to our own numbers of people we can trust). I know there are people who will condemn me as weak (or them for not having the foresight), but there is a line every person has to draw for themselves. Urban, Rural or Suburban: tough choices will have to be made.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday. :)