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Whirlibird, I’m glad your friends did so well with their trailers. Yet, for each such case that you point out, I’m sure that you yourself can point out another in which people were forced to abandon all they were carrying.

I’m only saying that people should do whatever they do because they themselves think it’s best, not because others do it. “Monkey see, monkey do” is not always a good survival policy.

I’ve been through my share of major floods, major epidemics and some earthquakes and, each time, I’ve had to do something different. What others thought needed to be done was never the issue.

What is truly alarming is that much of what befalls us is done to us on purpose by those much higher up. Remember what Franklin Roosevelt said: “People think things just happen. Nothing just happens; it’s all planned.” So, if we all do the conventional “preps”, we shall likely fall right into the trap they’ve set. They know perfectly well what preppers do, and I’m sure they’re laughing and laughing and laughing.