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Sorry but you seem to have your own version of historical facts.

74, it is not my version but a historical fact that Hitler won a democratic election fair and square. He did not shoot his way into office in the face of a terrorized population which could have stopped him if only it had been armed. There was a normal, legal vote, and no candidate had the majority; so, according to the German electoral process, there was a new vote and, as no one had the majority still, the candidate with the most votes was sworn into office. Hitler was the candidate with the most votes. No thuggery on his part was involved, so no guns were needed. It was all above board and peaceful. That seems to bother a lot of people.

The point I was making was that you should prepare as YOU see fit, not simply do what everyone else does; that you do what is convenient for YOU even if it contradicts your neighbors’ idea of preparing. There is more than one way to skin a cat like there is more than one way to cure poison ivy skin rash — you can use jewelweed or you can use Brake Clear, for example.