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Xocjm I think Tweva hit the nail on the head. It is hard to convey anything to somebody with their fingers in their ears going LALALALALALALALALALALA. Many many people see the wolves and the current events but refuse to hear anything other than their imagined utopia of life as normal. It will take a major event/slap in the face for those people to pull their fingers out of their ears and say “Oh #$%& what do I do now”. We the sheepdogs must be as patient as the wolves and wait for the opportunity for the wolves actions to bite them in the backside. There will be a lot of death and destruction but the sheeple will not face it until the wolves draw blood. Then they will turn to us and say teach me what you know. For some it will be to late and they will parish but such is natural selection. Bide your time sir. Speak with those that ask questions and be ready to teach when the others come. I don’t necessarily mean share your preps with those that didn’t prepare but at some point people will stop just trying to survive and start to actively pursue a better life. The weak and ill prepared will have perished and what will be left are the ones with enough snap to do what they needed to do to survive and now see the light of day. By then hopefully our numbers will still be great enough to affect change.