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It was my intention with this post to help others organize their learned skills and knowledge into binders for their family’s and generations to come. I do realize that there are many levels of prepping and sometimes we forget that there are those who need basic information. As I am still learning this board and my fellow preppers who post here; I want to share the knowledge that has been my life for so long.. Not all people are as seasoned as others and one post does not fit all. No one person has all the know-it-all potential; I learn something new all the time.
I teach a very basic class on what is needed for beginning preppers. I begin by asking them why they want to prepare and address their individual concerns. Most beginners just want to know they are not in this alone.
It starts with Water, Food and Shelter. I recommend each person prepare a three day supply of each to start with and increase it by increments of a week, one month,3 months and so own. My reasoning for this method is so they do not get overwhelmed or burnt out over the task at hand. (Personally my group is required to have a one year supply of the essentials on hand along with ways to be self-sustaining.) Additionally, we store 3 gallons of water per person per day instead of the one gallon recommended. If you have the storage capabilities it is best to have more water on hand for food preparation and hygiene.


The above link is for the “BASIC DISASTER SUPPLIES KIT” resource for those just starting out.