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“There are many variables there, how deep is SHTF (who are they most likely) is my location my home actually etc.” Selco

I left the situation open so everyone could consider multiple variables and whether it would make a difference in the end. I really meant for a total SHTF. However that doesn’t mean someone will not want to enforce current laws later for our actions in the event.

Personally I would always want a planned escape route and probably set up an ambush if I could just to make sure I can control the event to the best of my ability. As Malgus said: “When TSHTF, I will just assume we are on a war footing. -Snip – get everyone on the same page –snip- We will control who enters and exits Malgus

.”As to 74′s scenario, it would depend. Are these Nat’l Guard or Police looking for survivors? Are they obviously looters? Did they just kill the nice little old lady down the street? Whirlybird

Well Whirly, say they are Nat’l Guard or Police but it’s SHTF and you don’t know what they are up to… Whacha-gonnado I’m curious?