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Permajan, You are absolutely right. Each of us will have to cope where the event finds him, and there are no absolutes. I have known so many rural jerks, and outright criminals, that I don’t see any marked advantage to being in the country, e.g., I have known one farm family to set fire to and burn out the family across the road from it. There was an occasion, decades ago, when the BATF hit a sector of the Arkansas Ozarks; all the locals told on each other; everybody with a still was caught. These are not communities like Selco’s in which everyone is everybody else’s cousin. Too many rural communities have too many creeps in them who are willing to sell each other out and even murder each other. If you’re a Mormon in a Mormon area, okay but, if you’re in an area of varied population and in which everybody is screwing everybody else, the food advantage of the countryside quickly gets cancelled.

At the same time, it is likely that there will be an explosion of individual food production in city homes. First, it was raised-bed gardening; then it was square-foot gardening; and lasagna-gardening, with no actual soil; then hydroponics; now aquaponics; parallel to the aquaponics frenzy which is in full swing, there is starting vertical gardening. It is becoming very easy for one family that does such things to feed itself AND its neighbors. The traditional model of all food coming from the countryside can quickly become a thing of the past. In the city where I live, I grew much of my food for several years; I only did it to learn how and, after the first two years, did not make serious mistakes any more; eventually, I let it go because I had a stressful job, but I could take it up again in a flash and, with what I know now, be much more productive.

Ethnic communities here are fairly disciplined and well-armed. The Jews I know all have guns and practice their use; and they all do square-foot gardening. The Asians do similar gardening from their own tradition and have also learned to use guns. The Bosnians are armed to the teeth, and the first thing they did when they bought a home was set up a smoke-house. The Hispanics are excellent farmers, know how to adapt that to city lots and have nearly all gone through their country’s army so they know how to use arms. I don’t expect that the various groups will find it impossible to fend off attacks or set up trade with one another.

When I was a kid, there was an activity in our physical education classes in which we were split into two teams, each having to stay within one half of the gymnasium; then each team threw a basketball at the other team; whoever got hit had to go sit down. As you can imagine, when we saw the ball coming, we all ran like hysterics to get away from it. Then, it occurred to me to do the opposite: I stood still. The ball would come flying, and, while the others ran, I stayed put. The ball never hit me. I was always the last one standing.

That led me to question the way “everybody” did anything.

Right now, many accept unquestioningly that they “must” have a Bug Out Bag. It’s almost part of a religious creed. Yet, think for a moment. If you are running from a natural disaster, chances are there will be thousands gridlocked on the road, so, at one point, YOU WILL HAVE TO ABANDON YOUR CAR and go on foot; and, shortly after, YOU WILL HAVE TO ABANDON YOUR BAG because it’s way too heavy to carry. So what have you accomplished outfitting your car and filling your bag? NOTHING. You will simply have left valuable stuff for others to loot.

This is why it can make more sense to stay put or to carry a MINIMAL bag — just essential documents and essential survival stuff for about five days; not one ounce more.

Also, if you have your elders on board, or are one yourself, where the heck do you think you’re going in the country? You need EASY access to a hospital, not a hospital fifty miles away or more.

People need to hang loose, not be so uptight, and consider different facets of the issue. There is no one size fits all. United communities like Selco’s are few and far between in this country.

It’s like the “dogma” that you must be armed and super-armed. People tell you that Hitler got into power “because the German people had been disarmed”. This is more nonsense. Germans were never disarmed because they were never armed to begin with. And Hitler was democratically elected in a lawful election. Had anyone tried to disrupt the perfectly orderly, legal German electoral process, he would have been arrested on the spot with good reason. Like Obama, Hitler got into power because he was the candidate with the most votes. Obama, by the way, has wrecked this country; how have your millions of guns stopped him?

Do you see the nonsense that passes for dogma on this blog and on many others?

We need a lot more people who can see specific points objectively.

I had prepared for many years and got alarmed when I saw “prepping” going mainstream. That’s when I had to come to a full stop and really think. The authorities must be laughing their butts off at the lemmings who scurry to pack their Bug Out Bags and stock and fortify their survival retreats. That means that, for what is coming, the bag and the retreat are IRRELEVANT.

Think that over.