<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>Malgus, Good points. I just wanted to hear you brother. I will post signs. The signs are in my plan all along and do believe in the total SHTF we do not have a choice but to shoot anyone that passes the warnings. Agree.

There you go everyone Malgus is right on this one, a warning shot in a SHTF may just get you killed. This applies when the rule of law is no where to help you protect your family.

Actually the warning shot may get you killed, jailed or sued pre-SHTF in many places.

The comment every bullet has a lawyer attached comes to mind.
You fire a warning shot, it continues down the street/alley/???, and hits 6yo little girl playing in her yard, you’re liable. Ya, the crook may get charged because it stemmed from his criminal assault, but do you really want to go there?
You fire a warning shot, the nice (or arsehat) police officer responding to a previous call hears this and now you’re the one being confronted by the cops while holding a gun. Your word against the bad guys.
You fire a warning shot, there’s X number of bullets left in your gun, you need that round suddenly but it’s gone.
You fire a warning shot, it shows that you felt that you weren’t threatened enough to stop the bad guy, but still brought lethal force into the situation.
You fire a warning shot, the other bad guys now know where you are.
You fire a warning shot, just don’t.

It’s like shooting to wound.
A whole different can of worms.
Shoot to stop. If the bad guy dies, great.
If he stops what he was doing while laying there bleeding and crying for his mommy, great.
Long as he stops, great.
If not, he gets shot again until he stops his nefarious activity.