<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Malgus wrote:</div>Calm yourself, Brother Whirl…

My remarks were not bashing you, personally. They were directed towards the fact that – no matter where the “advice” comes from – in today’s litigious society, we have to resort to weasel words to keep from being sued by dickheads who get their little feelings hurt… or by those seeking to win the Ghetto Lottery, or slimy shyter lawyer types…

If anything, it is an indictment of why we can’t be honest and just say “If you’re going to pull a gun, then you better be prepared to use it. And if you use it, then you best kill the sumbitch trying to kill you.”

Honestly has no place in today’s “civil” society. That’s what I was getting at. You and I both know anyone teaching self defense carry classes has to do “the dance”, as well as formal civilian police departments because of one thing – vicarious liability. You and I both know what that is and why it just screams “TORT REFORM!”. (But, that is a whole ‘nother can of worms for another day…)

That I illustrate the point by showing that you fall into those speech patterns is not a reflection on you. You’re just CYA.

So, don’t take it personally…

Hadn’t taken it personally, just distancing myself from the badge comment and the associated negativity.

And yes those of us in the industry have to walk a fine line, the pre-SHTF answers don’t always work post, and vice versa. But the training does work for both.

And as usual, we are in agreement, just different phrasing.