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A very good friend of mine’s father fought in WW II with the 82nd Airborne. He spent some time showing the two of us how to successfully throw a knife ~ any knife, up to 30 feet away – and stick. He used any kind of knife we handed him to throw, and he would sink the blade at least half the blade’s length into the wood. At thirty feet. He would tell us that everybody had to do this in order to belong to the 82nd Airborne during WW II.

His favorite knives to throw was a Mauser bayonet or a Ka-Bar. He told us that these two blades had the best balance for throwing. But, to him, the kind of knife really didn’t matter.

We even chopped up pieces of 1/2″ rebar of various lengths and he would bounce the painted end off of the target.

For fun practice, he prepared a target made of a tree trunk sawn 6″ thick and about two feet across hung so that the tree’s rings were the striking surface. Your blade would almost automatically stick because you were striking the target with the grain.

This kind of target works well with tomahawks, hand axes, and felling axes too. Felling axes, due to their lengths, usually require an underhanded toss.

I miss that old man.


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