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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Novus Ordo wrote:</div>Anselm – interesting. We’ll see if anyone gets sick over there in the Ukraine.

Back to my original (sort of) response that I deleted –

I’ve heard of people making the switch to gluten free and vegan and benefitting quite a bit from it – very few return. I’m glad that you found what works for you. I’ve always been blessed with a pretty good constitution and when I rarely get sick it’s usually not for long. IF I were to consider switching over someday, what reading would you recommend? It’s a pretty big IF at this point, but I like to keep my options open and continue to learn from those who have been there.

That sucks about the radiation zone – was it from an old facility or an old burial site for radioactive materials? If I were already set up with my 20+ acres, I’d offer you a couple to move to – my only repayment would be the passing on of knowledge you possess. Sorry though, no cities.

Okay, agree with part of your thoughts on animals – but let me put it this way; if I let my dog in the house (he’s an outdoor dog) having never trained him and he did the same would he be ashamed of his actions? Doubtful as he’d never been trained that was bad and he is currently allowed to “go” wherever he chooses in the backyard. So, to me this seems to be equated to the training and/or “free food” for the wild animals, than any type of reasoning. More of instinct than anything. But I do agree that animals in close contact with humans can and do develop an affinity toward them and I’d never arbitrarily kill one of those type as I see them as companions. I’m not a trophy hunter either – if I can’t consume the animal or someone else will (tribe, homeless shelter, etc.) then I won’t hunt it. I also give them my respect as a hunter by making as clean a kill as I can and in my own way thanking them as the Native Americans used to do (my great-great-great grandmother was 1/4 Cherokee). I use as much of the animal as I can and do not take it for granted. I wish all hunters were the same, but a few give the rest of us a bad name.

Good points on the solar – I like the mico hydo setups I’ve seen, but you’re right – they would need to be bolted to a cement piling or something. On the wind power I’d have to make my own and engineer quite a bit of overkill into it. Also, keep it simple – probably just blades driving a chain that goes to a beefed up re-wound vehicle alternator producing 200amps going to a battery bank with the solar – thus allowing you nighttime use also if there is a wind. 30-40 feet max if the wind were strong enough

Neat idea on the charging of a couple deep cycle batts during the car use – similar to Steven Harris site where he shows you how to connect an inverter to the car and run an extension cord into the house to keep your fridge/freezer running in a power outage. I like his site because he tests all these items and uses them first before recommending them. Check him out at – http://www.Steven1234.com – which is a compilation of all of his sites and links to them individually, all about alternative energy sources.

Alright, read a few of Dr. Roberts articles and can’t say I agree much. He says that the Iraq war was based on a lie that Saddam never had any chemical WMD – well he sure used something on the Kurds! And here’s an often overlooked fact that over 500 items with sarin gas were discovered in 2006 but never reported by the lame stream media as it would have made Bush look good.


And now it seems that ISIS has found some more.


Since I was there I can say that I really didn’t and don’t care if Saddam didn’t have any WMD’s (doubtful) – they guy was a bad actor and was bad to his own people and others (Kuwait). As far as I’m concerned all of those two bit dictators are headed to the same place and if we can help them along then all the better. Not that the US should be the worlds police, but when you have a bad neighbor (criminal, not just different viewpoint) eventually other neighbors get them ousted and rightly so as they are screwing up the neighborhood. In addition, Dr. Roberts uses Russia Today news as a source? The same one where they’ve had anchor after anchor flat out quit because they were “lying”?

Anyway, again appreciate the discussions. K

Thank you for your thoughtful letter. It has taken me time to reply because the powers that be have expelled me, and Selco, from the public computer which I normally use. Our public library has installed a new filter which is even worse than the previous. Officially, it is to keep out pornography. In reality, it does nothing of the kind. If, for example, I want to look up the specifications of a microhydro device, the filter blocks the site under the category of “Spam”. If I want to read a scathing indictment of the weird creature in the White House, it is blocked under the category of “Extreme and Radical Thought”. I wrote the management of the library to point out that this country was founded by men of extreme and radical thought: Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, James Madison, etc. Their reply was silence. Now Selco’s site is blocked under the category of “Malicious Website”. So there you have it: Selco and Jay are “Malicious”. So I have to either get my own web connection, which I am reluctant to do on several counts, or drive some miles to a place where I can hook up, which is what I have done today. What the library filter impedes is not pornography but VALUABLE INFORMATION AND INTELLIGENT THOUGHT. So don’t be offended if, from now one, my replies and other posts become few and far between; for the time being, I simply don’t have reliable access to a connection. And I was going to stop or nearly stop in mid-August anyway because of my studies; apart from the long hours in the workshop, homework will be massive.

Because I’m rushing to catch up, I can’t answer your specific points as I would like to, but here goes a small attempt. I assure you that I am not a fanatical vegetarian in the way that many hunters are fanatical animal killers. If, say, you and I live together and you are badly injured, I have no qualms about hunting on your behalf to keep you from starving; I fully understand that your body doesn’t recognize plant protein as protein and doesn’t know how to use it. It took me two years to do the transition.

As to Saddam Hussein, it was never denied that he had toxic gases. Remember the guy who was nicknamed “Chemical Ali”? Hussein was accused instead of possessing nuclear weapons and other devastating explosives, which was a lie. Regarding Kuwait, note that (1) in Turkish colonial days, it was always part of the province of which Basra was the capital, so it absolutely WAS part of what is now known as “Iraq”. (2) because of that, every government which Iraq has had since its independence from the Turks has claimed Kuwait as its own national territory; (3) the British cut off Kuwait from the rest of Iraq so that they would always control its oil; (4) and, for this purpose, they set up as rulers of Kuwait the members of an old PIRATE family which had whored itself out to the British long before; (5) note also that the Kuwaitis were DRILLING OBLIQUELY into what was, in effect, Iraqi territory, thus stealing Iraqi oil — you try that stunt in Texas, and you get shot. Moreover, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, testified before Congress that, on behalf of Bush, she had given Hussein the go-ahead on fighting Kuwait. Hussein was viciously betrayed by the U.S. Government. And Iraq was destroyed, not helped.

As regards the Kurds, the British gassed them mercilessly in the 1920’s, and I don’t see anyone squawking about that. The Kurds got royally screwed at the end of World War I, along with the Arabs, and it was no Arab’s fault; it was the fault of the governments of Britain and France. The Middle Eastern government that has fought them and massacred them the hardest is the Turkish. Saddam Hussein was pretty mild with them; he never did anything to them unless they actually attacked him — as at that famous assassination attempt. Note that he always had Kurdish ministers in his cabinet and that TWO-THIRDS OF THE REPUBLICAN GUARD, HIS PERSONAL MILITARY ELITE, WAS KURDISH.

Note also that, for decades, Hussein worked for the U.S. It was on behalf of the U.S., for example, that he attacked Iran and fought them for years. The U.S. put him in power, used him, set him up and erased him.

The news anchors of RT did not quit because they had to lie. They said that to get brownie points so they could get a higher-paying job in the west. All news anchors everywhere lie. Those of the U.S. and the BBC are probably the worst. I regularly find both RT.com and presstv.ir far more objective, informative and truthful than their U.S. counterparts. Heck, the Iranian presstv actually broadcasts genuine U.S. news which are silenced in this country; reports about the homeless, for example.; from meeting plenty of hobos myself, I know the Iranians are telling the truth.

Keep in mind that Roberts knows a lot, is too intelligent to fall for the common brainwashing and, what is most important, really loves this country. And that the crimes of the Government are now in everybody’s face because the beast is so strong that it doesn’t care. Katrina was the dress rehearsal. So was the Boston “massacre”. Now comes the real thing.

Don’t take too seriously the setting up of your own forest fortress, Instead, learn to swim. Swim very well.

Watch the movie “Now You See Me” and think furiously. There are things one may not say in an email, but think. There are ways to outwit our masters, but they are not what bloggers talk about. Those who figure them out do not talk about them at all.

There is a writer who is not everybody’s dish, but, who knows, you might pick up a hint to help you with the above. I am referring to John Rappoport — his indication of how to be out of the Matrix, not his more “political” articles. If you find him too weird, don’t worry; you can still figure it out by yourself; but Rappoport does understand, and he does show. He’s just not so much fun as the movie.

Best of luck.