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Thanks 74. This is good information. I do not see phone books on the list so I looked up my own tests for phone books. These are tests for various hunting bullets to see how they perform using dry phone books as a test medium at 10 yards. Here are some of them.

The deepest penetration I have achieved is 16 inches of penetration using a 400 gr .416 cal Barnes TS-X bullets and a 405 gr .458 cal Cor-Bon Penetrator bullets (2400 vel. for .416, the .458 was 1649 fps).
The next deepest is 15.5 inches using a .338 cal Barnes TS-X 225 gr bullet traveling 2745 fps.
The next deepest penetration I have achieved is 15 inches using a .338 cal Speer Grand Slam 250 gr bullet traveling 2660 fps.
The next deepest was a 350 gr. .458 cal. At 1997 fps for 14.25 inches of penetration.
After this is .308 Barnes TS-X 150 gr and 130 TS-X gr at 3200 and 2900 fps respectively for 14 inches of penetration.
Next was the .458 PMC Lead Flat Point 405 gr. bullet traveling 1166 fps. I achieved 12 inches of penetration.
The next deepest was a .338 180 gr Nos Bal Tip bullet traveling 2906 fps. I achieved 11 inches of penetration – also the .338 TTS-X 210 gr bullet traveling 2800 fps and Horn .308 150 gr. Interbond at 3200 fps achieved 11 inches of penetration.
The next deepest was a .308 TTS-X 168 gr bullet traveling 2910 fps. I achieved 10 inches of penetration.
Most of these retained .99 to 100% or their original weight (exceptions are the Horn. Interbond and Nos Bal. Tip) and penetrated deeper than FMJ common with military bullets. These are some of the deepest penetrating loads I have tried. No military load in .556, 6.8 or .762 cal have penetrated deeper than 10 inches.
Perhaps this information might be useful for someone.