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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>matt76 wrote:</div>Wow this is an interesting thought. Malgus I am with you on king of the world or king of America. I don’t even begin to think I have the answers on how to fix the world. My best guess would be to implement my list below in America and put people from each country as presidents over their country and have them follow the same rules.<br>
1.Remove all current government leaders from office.<br>
2.Close our borders<br>
3.If you are not a citizen or do not have a visa you go back to your country<br>
4.End welfare<br>
5. Do away with political parties<br>
6.limit terms for any government office to 4 years 2 terms max<br>
7. Lock government salaries to 100k per year.<br>
8.No salary after term is over.<br>
9. Do away with the IRS<br>
10.Impose flat tax<br>
11.Impeachment can be immediately initiated by the people and determined by their vote<br>
Sorry couldn’t stop at ten lol.

I like these!