Thanks, but I made an error. It’s a 72 round drum, a 36 round stick mag… I reversed it. Said 32 and 76…

Current prices are between $400 and $500… mags, both drum and stick, don’t seem to be an issue… ’bout 50 bucks for a drum mag, maybe 20 bucks for a stick mag. I think Gun Parts Corp has the stick mags…

Here’s a nice one… brand new. Start bid is $479. Buy it now is $510.


Oh, if any of you all do end up getting one of these, stay away from the “Coffin” stick mags. From what I understand, these mags are a result of the Finns trying to come up with a way to cram more bullets into a stick mag. They’re rare, but they are also finicky and sort of fragile. The only ones interested in them are collectors. The standard 36 round stick mags are way more robust and are very well made. Make sure you get the ones with the finger loops still attached. Easier to get out of a mag bag or mag pouch…

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