Okay, fine. You guys want my opinion, so here it is…

No matter what you think of either, bottom line is that it is a pistol round. The human body is remarkably resilient and can withstand tremendous amounts of abuse/damage and still keep on going…

Even coming out of a sub-machine gun, both will still hit only as hard as a pistol. The advantages of a sub-gun is that it has a large reservoir of cartridges to draw from and it’s rate of fire – both of which are not available in a pistol (unless it’s some rarefied thing, like a Skorpion).

The pistol is there to give you time to get to your primary weapon, which is – hopefully – a battle rifle.

All that said, if I am limited to hardball ammo, then I choose the .45. Why? Because physics. If I am allowed to use specialized ammo, like Talons, Sabers, Gold Dots, etc, then I still choose the .45… why?

Because “specialized” ammo was designed to make a smaller bullet act like a larger bullet, the theory being if you could get a small bullet to mimic big bullet performance, then you could carry the equivalent of a big bullet, but more of them. Thing is, if the same technology is applied to larger bullets, then that makes them that much better than their smaller-caliber counterparts..

I’ve got exactly one 9mm… a carbine. And I bought it for a family member who will probably have a need for something that holds a lot of cartridges… plus, the cost was roughly the same as other carbines, but the quality was far superior. The higher velocity of specialized 9mm ammo – (Edit: Higher velocity coming out of a longer carbine-length barrel. Not a pistol length barrel) – in this case, Ranger T 127g +P and Sabers – should translate to better on-target results. And even if it doesn’t, that’s sort of why this thing comes with a 76 round drum magazine – you fire, and keep firing till your target is down and stays down…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1