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Great post. As a career soldier who has defecated in the field on multiple continents in all seasons and conditions, I certainly appreciate this video. I would like to add to it from my experience.

Covering the defecation site (How nicely would you put it?) with a rock, log, or bark is something I have done extensively when the ground is frozen. In warmer weather it is usually possible to use the heel of your boot to dig a small hole in which to defecate, then cover it back up.

Burning the tp (if you are using tp) is only a good idea if you use the same caution with which you would build a campfire. You don’t want to start a forest fire just to burn your tp.

If you are going to be in a static position for a number of days, you may want to dig a latrine pit. This can be done even in sub-zero weather by building a fire on the ground after you have cleared away any snow. After the fire has burned down to coals, scrape away the coals and dig where the fire was. Continue burning and digging in the same hole until the desired depth is reached.

Special operators and snipers will carry a supply of ziplock bags into which they will defecate and then take with them when their mission is complete.

Personal hygiene after urination/defecation is of extreme importance in a survival situation. The U.S. military puts alcohol wipes inside each MRE package for a good reason. The Israeli army lost a number of soldiers during the Yom Kippur war because of poor hygiene. An alternative to alcohol wipes is a wet wash cloth and dish soap in a ziplock bag. Carrying this next to your skin in cold weather will keep it from freezing.

I hope these ideas will be useful to anyone who reads them.

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