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I see lots of very interesting comments, but things that have always struck me are the following:

When does a possible bug in turn into a bug out scenario.
How do I know
What additional dangers did I create for myself by waiting to leave (if I do)
If I do bug out, how far is far enough off the grid
How permanent of a camp should I consider and when does the concept of bugging out turn into simply bugging in someplace else

It is a very tough decision on whether to just take off or try and hold the fort down. I am more of a “get the heck out of dodge” kinda guy, but my fellow cohort at work does make some interesting points. He came from a large city and talks about all sorts of resources that are available in a city if you know how/where to look. These sorts of comments make me wonder and debate on a continued basis. All I really know is that I am MUCH more comforable in the woods than a city. If I had the choice, I would definitely pick the foothills of a mountain to live on and would build myself a complete camp to relocate my family to. At least I would be far enough off the beaten path to keep looters from finding me nearly as easy.

I think you need to have both options available with plans for both types of scenarios. Of course, I would be hosed in the urban setting……