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There is no question for me in this scenario. I will always take the least populated. The problem is not that bad things happen. It is that, in our present society, there are the vast majority of the people alive that no longer have any character.

What would happen today if we entered the very same great depression that they had a few decades ago in this country? Then the people lived on next to nothing, clothes were worn and threadbare, shelter scarce in many situations. They still acted like sane, responsible people.

Today, if we were in the very same situation, there would be riots, people taking what wasn’t theirs, people killing to get what they didn’t put away for, people acting like mad pit bulls in a fighting ring. That is because they were never taught to be responsible and think in a sane way. They never developed any character. Today, many would lose their lives.

So I will take the path that leads to fewer of these crazies, thank you. I have been responsible with the resources that I have available to me. I have thought about the future and planned for it. What is impossible would be for everyone around me to expect me to carry them through the crisis. I can save myself. I can save my family. I cannot save the community or the world. End of story.