Lee has some good products, I have a number of their products but I am selective about which I get.
However the presses in general aren’t ones that I will buy again.

The presses aren’t bad, and will do the job, but I’ve broken a few and I can’t abide that in serious gear that may not be replaceable.

I have two Lee hand presses, one has a Lee Decapping die basically permanently installed, the other is in my mobile loading kit. Back when I used to spend 3 weeks out of every month in hotels, I used my spare time in the hotel room reloading and kept a mobile kit with me.

I normally use a Pacific press that’s as old as I am (40+ years), and it’s still in perfect condition.
My Dillon press is nearly 20 years old and running fine. And I make custom ammo commercially.

Buying new today, I’d be getting a RCBS Rockchucker single stage or the Bonanza (now Forster) CO-AX press and never look back. Not as fast or fancy as the progressive presses, they’re simple and utterly reliable.

Again, the Lee presses aren’t bad but most people graduate out of them quickly.
And they won’t handle the stress heavier models will endure easily.