I think that the last two paragraphs tell it best.

From customers and friends who are the sharp edge of the sword, the comments remain the same as they have for over a century.
The 9mm especially in . mil guise stinks.

That the 9mm is Nato standard only means that its going to be common in war zones, not necessarily a good choice other than that.

That MARSOC can’t get enough ammo for their .45’s says so much about the .mil supply lines these days.

That the FBI and other civilian agencies are returning to the 9mm is no surprise to those in the industry, as most .40 pistols are converted 9mm and are not built to handle the abuse. The H&K USP being an exception.

With the advances in bullet technology over the last 35 years, the 9mm has come a long way, in good defensive loads equalling the .40 and .45 for effectiveness.
But again we are talking high pressure, higher wear ammo, and not available for normal use in war zones.

Suddenly, that effective 9mm is hamstrung and highly ineffective.
The fact that so many who return from the war zones choose something other than 9mm, even when good ammo is available is also a telling point.

One has to remember, these are still issued guns we are discussing,not personally chosen and owned. There is little choice available to the foot soldier.