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It all depends on what type of collapse happens. If it is only a financial collapse then maybe rural areas will not get hit by the government but believe me the government has many plans for the rural takeover. All of history has shown that this happens, Even in the Communist countries like Cuba where they took over all the rural areas by force many farmers were killed and the food production was cut by 75% but the government did not care since they are only interested in feeding there troops and government people. The rest can die for food. They would give the minimum amount of food to the people to control them. The people then only though about were there next meal was coming from.

So it doesn’t matter how well armed the rural areas are, the government will try to take over the land. Hell they are trying to take over larger farms right now! So can you imagine when there is a collapse and the news media is only covering the cities war zone and not the rural war going on with the government.

Like I have said before rural farmland takeover is a government collapse plan. All of this doesn’t mean I think the cities are not going to be a war zone. But what I am telling all of you that history and what has been in the news about the government takeover of farmlands, rural areas, and cattle ranches has been happening now, so in a collapse it will happen. If you guys think the government is not as well armed as the rural America you got a problem, they have an open bank account to buy everything they need for a takeover.

The government knows that the only way to keep control of there own troops is to make sure the food supplies for them keeps coming so even if they have to kill many of the farmers I guaranty the military has there plans to farm the land for there purpose which is to feed there troops.

Not all rural areas will get hit by the government but we do not have or know there plans.

So the reason I am telling everyone here is to prepare for what will come.

I also believe that the cities will be left to burn them self’s off and the government will not care.

I want everyone to understand that the government knows that who controls food also controls power!