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Urdan vs rural, well it all depends on the SHTF. If it is a government take over or control of the people then the cities maybe better. Almost all history teaches us that Dictatorship type of governments have first taken over all farm land since that is were the food is grown. They really do not care about the cities, let them be war zones. But they will take the farms away from who ever is there and install there own people to control the food supply. This has happen in Russia, Cuba, North Korea, China and other countries that are Communist or Dictatorships.

So again it all depends on what this government has planned for the SHTF time. Oh and I know they have plans for the rural areas don’t you? They know that is were many of the hardcore right wing constitutional preppers are located.

The left depended free loaders that need help from the government almost all live in the cities in the north of the U. S. so the government will do whatever they can to help them stay alive and will take the farm food to them by force.

If you think otherwise you are dreaming.