You –> “Anyone know what the minimalist reloader setup would be? I also read that steel cases (AK) can be reloaded, but you need a special de-priming tool for the boxer primers. Carbide Dies are necessary as well. ”

I would go with a Lee hand press, carbide dies, including a crimp die. You can get the quick change Lee hand press or the older style. I have the older style and it loads wonderful ammo. Everything you need to reload your cases can fit into a smallish gym bag or big shoe box.

De-priming boxer cases doesn’t require any special tools, but it does require a bit of ingenuity on your part.

Drill a stepped hole in a block of hardwood. I recommend white oak.. Big hole should be about 1/2″ deep and just a touch larger than the diameter of the case you want to deprime so it slides in and out easily. Small hole should be centered in the big hole and just a touch larger than the diameter of the primer. Since you reload, I assume you have a micrometer? Measure the primer and case diameter and find the closest drill bits on your machinists’ drill and tap card.

EDIT: Small hole should go all the way through… you’ll see why.

Fill the empty case to the neck with water. Put it in the wooden block (big hole). I would find an old drill bit that fit the neck snugly, then chop off the flutes (don’t ever throw away an old drill bit – it’s wonderful pin stock and you can make a nice drift with one if you chop off the flutes). Insert the now-modified drill bit into the case and give it a whack with a mallet. Hydraulic pressure will drive out the primer, which will fall into the smaller, centered hole you drilled. The water will drain out some, but now you have a deprimed case. :)

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The block of wood need not be large or heavy. Just big enough to hold the case firmly. You could even be really cool and drill another hole off center that will hold the drill-bit-cum-drift-pin. Don’t forget to take a black marker and write on the block of wood what it is and some crude instructions for those who come after you…

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