Permajan, etc,

Our area – the Piedmont – is basically rolling hills and drumlins. Farmland separated by smallish forests and the occasional river. Good country for growing stuff. Bad country to have to fight in if you’ve never been here before. You can only see to the next ridge, which might or might not have a very thick stand of woods on it. The whole area is crisscrossed with barbed wire fences, or regular wire fences topped with barbed wire. Buildings – houses, barns, sheds, etc, dot the landscape.

In short – It’s Downtown Ambush Central. From ridgeline to ridgeline is between 600 to 800 yards. Good country for snipers. Bad country for anyone with a .5.56mm rifle. When you get into the lows between the ridges – about 400 or so yards from the top of the next ridge, you’re probably in a cowfield or tobacco field with no cover whatsoever. Bad guys at the top? Means you’re having to fight uphill the whole way… retreating means also running uphill in the opposite direction with no cover… perfect country for dirty, smash-mouth fighting…

That’s the good news. The bad news is that because you can only see to the next ridge, there could be a whole swarm of folks on the other side and you’d never know it. Unless you are allied with someone who has control of that ground and are in contact with them… which is why I’m trying to get our whole little area here on the same page and organized for common support and defense…

The main artery going North/South cuts through several hills – meaning the road is flanked on either side by 30 to 40 foot vertical walls of crumbly limestone. Anyone who doesn’t see the tactical advantage of such a setup is willfully blind. And the road makes several cuts just like that, all within the space of a couple miles – perfect pre-positioned fallback points. It would be an easy thing to bring those vertical crumbly walls of limestone down into the road to block it to all vehicular traffic… at least for a time, anyways or until they (whoever “they” happen to be) figure out they can go around the choke points via secondary and tertiary roads…

Here.. the only pictures I have currently… shot off the back porch of our house, last winter. Shows the terrain… the pond in picture No. 2 isn’t mine. It’s the overflow from my pond, which isn’t shown.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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