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When Unexpected Guests show up in a SHTF situation ….. Is this really an opportunity combined with a threat?

Rural residents may need additional people for security/watch, additional skills, and just plain man power. SHTF could consume huge amounts of time to defend against local and transient criminals and gangs, depending upon the location.

In suburban and urban environments, you may need your own group or a larger group just for defense. How many in the group is probably determined by resources on-hand and resources that can be acquired.

I live in a suburban area 20 minutes drive from a 3rd tier US city, population 75,000 and dropping.

My view is influenced by my SHTF assumptions:

a. Bugging Out turns me into a refugee and forces me to leave behind critical resources, neighbors, food, water, ammunition, weapons, tools and supplies behind. Bugging Out may place me and my family under the control of Federal or State authorities after confiscation of our weapons and supplies. We should Bug Out only just before we are forced to unless.

b. Vehicle fuel in a Bugging Out situation cuts my distance to around 1/2 vehicle distance capability … 200 miles. I cannot expect re-supply. This will not be enough distance to reach other family members or a safe region.

c. SHFT Situation. By week 3, possibly week 2, urban residents will have consumed all urban food & fuel resources and be raiding in groups along major travel corridors. Our community will be forced to form a militia and defend the community and/or neighboring communities. Our community will need additional people. This conflict period could last from 4-16 weeks, depending upon the conflict. The battles will be short, intense surprises. There are only 3 outcomes: raiders defeated, raiders subjugate the community, raiders move on. Conflict will subside and then become intermittent, but it will not stop. Security Operations will consume large amounts of man hours. Criminal activity will initially rise and then drop. More people will be needed to fight and support the community. This will get ugly quick and continue to be ugly. Our friends and neighbors are not prepared for any of this. We will have to “stabilize” our own community and should not expect outside help (Federal or State).