The perpetual arguments, AR vs. AK, 1911 vs. Glock, 9mm vs. .45, Urban vs. Rural.

The answer is probably best found by the individual.

We all have our preferences, our styles of survival.
Some are more attuned to life in the concrete jungles, some to life with dirt under their finger nails.

Personally, I prefer the middle ground.

I hate cities but appreciate much of the services available there, hospitals, dentists, mechanics, etc.
Small towns, been there, done that. The biggest problem with small towns is the lack of jobs, for oneself and future generations. What are your kids going to do in ten years? Twenty?

I found a balance with a ‘city’ of 12,000 people. Small enough to know a large number of people, large enough to have a few good restaurants, a nice grocery store, a decent hospital, excellent schools (a must), and most importantly a sense of community that I hadn’t found anywhere else, be it 2000 people or 200,000.

Post-SHTF, this community will come and has come together, for a number of reasons.
I can’t say that about anywhere else I’ve found to date.
Family is very important, including extended families.
And post-SHTF, those connections, those groups will do more for general and personal survival than having a couple extra cases of bic lighters stashed.

And it of course also depends on what happens.
Yellowstone Super-volcano? Doesn’t matter for many what they do or plan for.
Hurricanes? Planning and gathering people and materials will definitely make a difference, no matter where you are.

Look around and make an honest evaluation of where you are and what might actually happen, and go from there.