Permajan, we live on the edge of a small town. We have some lawn, but we have started growing a variety of edible wild plants as well as our regular garden. We are only a 3 min walk to a year round creek, have rain barrels set up under our gutters, and will be raising a few chickens for eggs and meat soon.

There are 4 Pecan trees in the yard that produce a good bushel of the nuts each year, as well as, attract a nice population of squirrels. There are also 2 mature apple trees available for harvest each year.

As far as the local neighbors, we have begun grooming them for working together whatever the event. Around here people are used to tornadoes, so they are also used to lending a helping hand when needed. This is a small town and I believe most people here will be willing to work together in a crisis. There is no question we will be bugging in and riding out the storm to whatever end there may be.

I believe Suburbia can work (and this depends on the neighbors working together), Have y’all looked into community gardening? What will you do if the city water system shuts down? How will y’all handle security among yourselves? Just some things to consider.