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WhiteKnight wrote:

I’m so not as ready as I would like to be!

Likely, no one ever is!
I followed Selco’s #1 prepper tip,
Guns and Ammo, Ammo and Guns,
G-n-A, A-n-G, and so on…

I could use more food and water, but have a well and backup power.
Gardening space, √
Seed Bank, √
Garden Tools, √

I still need reloading equipment, but 2 of my B.O.B. (band of brothers) have setups, but they will join us after the SHTF. Dicey Situation!
I’d rather have a rock chucker in hand than a Dillon in the city, when the SHTF!
Anyone know what the minimalist reloader setup would be?
I also read that steel cases (AK) can be reloaded, but you need a special de-priming tool for the boxer primers. Carbide Dies are necessary as well. My BOB’s do not have ARs either, but I do, so I need the dies regardless. We may have family joining us from a distance so we need to ready the “compound” for “visitors” :D
Extra blankets and bedding would be great, all hands on deck!

Oh, we have cash, for a deflationary event, and Silver, for a complete fiat crash or hyperinflationary event, also ¢opper ¢ents, and nickels.
Money preps can be nickels and copper. Regular change (cupro-nickel dimes and quarters) will still have value, but the copper cents and nickels will actually be more valuable after SHTF than before.
During the 2008 scrap metals run up, Copper passed $4/pound and a copper cent contained nearly 3¢ worth of metal! That will be way more than the value of a paper dollar if we have hyperinflation.
The humble US Nickel was worth nearly 8¢ at the same time! Not nearly as much of an ROI (return on investment) but there is no sorting involved with Nickels! Just stack and SAVE!
Of course, Silver is the superstar of SHTF monetary investing. Silver is suppressed and stands to gain probably TRIPLE what Gold will do.
It always rises faster in a Bull Market or hyperinflation. Check your History ;)

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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