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Hi Selco and Others,

Another great topic – urban or rural.

Selco, your urban experience was Sarajevo. As we touched on in a personal e mail, I have visited Sarajevo. I know is is a European mid sized city, lots of apartments and residential density. Hilly, too.

There is someting between urban and rural and that is suburbia. And there are many kinds of suburbia. Some suburban locations have both plusses and minusses. Where I live here in Eugene, Oregon, we have great soil, climate and a fair number of others into social/political/economic transformation with permauclture being the operative word we use.

Some other suburban locations would appear to have few prospects for survial on site – too hot, too cold, too dry,,,,,

I am interested to hear from others if they live in suburbia and are making changes to where they live – trading grass for garden and edible landscaping, rain water catchment, passive solar redesign, collaborations between neighbors.

Here in my neighborhood, we have the beginnings of what suburbia could become. Of course, all bets are off if SHTF, but the more people who transform their properties and have functional relationships with nearby friends and neighbors, the better. This is not rural, but its not urban like Selco’s experience. Plus, we have a lot of great farm land within a couple miles, too.

And of course, many many people in the neighorhood who have no idea about SHTF.

Comments welcome – what people are doing in suburbia and where? Prospects of suburban SHTF?

My website – http://www.suburbanpermaculture.org

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