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I have to agree. I am in the gun business and can tell you that the fit of the gun in your hand matters more than anything else. I constantly try and convince people that the Glock’s are not good for them because of the larger size of there grips but I lose half of the time because they are convinced because there friend has one that they need a Glock. Brand name doesn’t matter and you should never be looking for “cool points” because of the brand you buy. Buy what fits your hand the best another thing to consider is recoil. I’ll take a 9mm with a 17 round mag any day over a 45 with a 7 round mag. With less recoil I can get back on target more quickly and a well placed shot from my 9 will do the job or as Selco stated about multiple shots If you can stop someone with two 45 round that’s 3 1\2 people with a 7 round mag and if it takes 3 shots from the 9 thats 5 2\3 people down with a 17 round mag. Just my 2 cents.