If what whirlibird stated is fact , and I have no reason to doubt it is not , then no worries , your Arsenals , and Yugo’s ( actually made in Serbia by zestava ) are safe and will continue to be available , the 922 compliant “yugo’s” are actually very well made , good rifles for the money . I have one ( an N-PAP ) , and its a solid gun . It has a thicker receiver than most stamped AKs , and furniture that is better suited to what Americans are used to in their own weapons . This guy is a moron , this is the wrong time for that monkey to be attempting to mess with Russia financially , when both they and China are dumping the peso………I mean Dollar . The US economy is now so fragile , that a good shove by either of those nations and whoever they can get to go along with it , will collapse our economy ……………….at that point Ukraine will be the least of the governments worries . The old saying ” people who live in glass houses , should not throw stones ” . Seriously folks , its a joke , mighty armies could not take Russia , they really dont need us for anything financially , all this chimp is going to do is hurt a few Russian Billionaires profit margins , but do nothing to the country as a whole . He also has no clue to who he is dealing with , they are hard , tough people , the russians have a saying ” the Russian has a broad back ” , which means that they can endure hardship and continue on ……….not like most Americans . They are used to a hard way of life , does he really think he is going to impact them in any way ? They can also be doggedly stubborn , remember the Snowden request for asylum ? When asked by the press about the possibility of Snowden being handed over to the US , the reply was ” Russia has never extradited anybody , and never will “. I think this is actually a way for him to further the leftist anti 2nd amendment agenda .

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