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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>elijah wrote:</div>A few days ago a member here mentioned that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem isn’t where the Temple had been located.

Unfortunately I didn’t act on this at the time and now I can’t remember who said it or which thread it was in, and I’ve not been able to find the post after searching. There was an offer of more information about this. Will whoever posted that please contact me as I’m interested in that information. Thanks.

Hello, Elijah,

I was the one who posted that. Here is some information on the location:


and https://archive.org/details/TheRealLocationOfTheTempleMountInJerusalem

and http://www.beneimikra.com/2011/01/true-location-of-temple-of-jerusalem.html
and http://www.beneimikra.com/2009/12/jerusalem-and-location-of-temple-part-2.html