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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>elijah wrote:</div>I am suspicious of any unified front that seems designed to cause the public to think in a certain direction. The common characteristics are the “Everyone knows this is true” argument, the “Authorities say it is so” argument, the “Media is saying it is so” argument, and the “Anyone who disagrees or even questions us is wrong, an idiot, a terrorist, or insane” argument.

For MH17 there is lots of wind and noise and waving about of arms coming from the Australian government and supported by the media. It’s evident they are trying to push a line, and that suggests to me that an agenda is under way. It’s unlikely anyone outside of Australia would normally see this as I’m sure it’s for local consumption.

As soon as the US blamed Russia for the attack PM Tony Abbott came out and blamed them too, even though, as we know, the evidence isn’t in even now, and no investigation will happen for some time, if ever. He then sent a diplomatic accusation to the Russians, accusing them of the foul deed. He has now sent the Foreign Minister to the US to promote tough measures against Russia, and put a resolution against Russia at the UN. Why all this activity? Granted there were a number of Australians on that flight, but his reaction the the attack is greater than one would normally expect. From the strength of his reaction one would almost think that Putin owed him money.

Then there are the media manipulations, such as


which is an opinion piece masquerading as news, automatically pointing the finger at Russia and bemoaning that tougher sanctions haven’t been enabled.<br>
Or this: “Top conspiracy theories sparked by MH17 disaster”


which is designed to mock anyone who thinks that the official line is possibly untrue and should be labeled as a “conspiracist”. Have a look at that link: you may find yourself on it and labeled as a crazy person.

My point is that there is clearly a line being pushed in the western media. I don’t know that Russia didn’t do the attack, but because the west is so obviously pushing one unified line [Ukraine=good innocents and victimised by bad guys; Russia=bad guys] and refusing to consider that the Ukraine government may be responsible, causes me to disbelieve what I’m being told.

Regrettably many fall for this guff because people have a normalcy bias to believe what authorities tell them and can’t comprehend they may be lied to.

I have learned a long time ago that there are no “white hats”; Russia isn’t a darling of doing the right thing and I am not defending Russia. I am criticising the obvious attempt at public manipulation we are experiencing, which should be a cause of distrust against those pushing it.

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