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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Robin wrote:</div>OFG – how many times have you run across a wall hanger that has no serial numbers? Friend has one, Colt wheel gun, that is chromed and pearl inlays. Never seen or heard of one like that!<br>

Every Colt ever made has a serial number–low quality revolvers from other manufacturers oftentimes didn’t. The finish on the example your buddy has is nickel–guns that were nickel plated after leaving the factory were polished by whoever did the plating. Often the polish made the numbers, Patent dates etc very faint, and the plating (usually copper first then nickel over that) would have finished obliterating the markings on the gun. Without a serial number, it would be hard to determine it’s age, therefore the advisability of using ammo with smokeless powder in the weapon (assuming it’s shootable) is questionable. If a screw enters the frame from the front to lock in the base pin (around which the cylinder revolves), it’s a black powder frame–although some of the later black powder frames were useable with smokeless powder, I wouldn’t risk it . If the locking screw enters the frame from the side, then it’s a smokeless powder frame. Use ONLY cowboy-action ammo in an old Colt, as the pressures built up by standard modern ammo may crack the cylinder.