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Not true. I’ll teach anyone anything I know that they do not. Life has taught me that it’s better to be owed a favor, or friendship than money or other “currency”

I have to agree with Mountainbiker, I think you will be over whelmed with the number of students and other people trying to take advantage of you in a SHTF. In normal times the encounters are much fewer, tamer and the needs of the unskilled are not as great.

To clarify things–I really AM an old fatguy. Not THAT fat, but I have some health issues, and lack the speed and strength I once had. My value to others would be minimal EXCEPT for the things I actually know from having done them. Not that I lived the life that Selco has, but I have had to survive by trapping pigeons and other birds for protein when times were truly hard. I have had GREAT success fishing when others were skunked–it’s strategy AND bait and special-purpose tackle.

I HAVE tanned animal hides into useful leather including fur outerwear, I have studied empty-handed combat beyond traditional martial arts, and even at my age, don’t fear walking in the dark. I CAN shoot–particularly with a handgun, hitting targets as distant as 200 yards (thanks to the teachings of Elmer Keith in his many books and articles), I can reload ammo, and a little gunsmithing–used to buy blown up antique Colts, Winchesters and Marlins and rebuild them into shooters; I can make moonshine, and not just from corn or horsefeed, I can make wine. Am working now on beer. I can make jerky without an oven or electricity, I can smoke any kind of game, I can track any animal. I can perform many repairs on older 50’s-70’s vehicles, SOME later models.

I can work leather, making belts, holsters, jackets,etc. I can weld and make ornamental iron security door and window grilles as well as heavy fabrication. It took me a lifetime to learn all of this, and in a SHTF scenario, none of the young gamers are going to have the time to learn any of these potentially useful skills on their own…