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Underground! God bless u and your brothrrs family. There aren’t real words that can convey depth of sympathy.. were they available I youwould know I send them your way. Your brother is no longer here on the troubled blue planet… but I believe he still, literally lives on. Imagine his face..in quiet time, pourout yr pain and troubles..then be quiet…n listen. Let the peace wash your pain and loss away…small rippled wave, by small ripple. You will be reunited one day…imho probably not shared by others…but it it is my belief. Release the anger… it serves no purpose. Rejoice you were privileged to know such a one. May your heart find quiet npeace from yr loss…sooner than later. Be wellunderground. My thoughts r with you. (Pls excuse typos, late, tired, tablet keyboards suck.
Peace, breath it. Cheridh memories. Rest your soul gently. Tweva