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The evil media wants people to get emotional and then make emotional decisions . Even if that decision is to not stop them from killing innocent people. And by innocent people I mean MEN, women and children. I always wonder why it is okay to kill someones son, father or brother..? Can you replace your son or father?

It is the way how world works for some time, it can not be changed, it is spiral that going down, in last period it is accelerating suddenly with lot of events.

At the end it will lead to chaos, sooner then later.<br>
Media is there to form opinions, to form opinions that “needs” to be formed in that moment, usually because some (still) not visible cause. I have seen that before, how people changed because their opinions were deliberately changed, years later some folks realize that, but it is too late.

Problem is that most of the people are ignorant, or even worse-simply stupid.

Selco, you’re a medical person. Look at this horror: http://www.rense.com/general96/dutch.html

Sometimes, they try to knock off three birds with one stone …