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Or fingers that work. About 1966I was 11, I went to the local hardware store and bought an Estwing hatchet & knife set. Knife had a 4 ” blade. One day I took it to a patch of polygonum (a invasive soft bamboo) and started to hack it down like I was swinging a machete. Low and behold I swung all the way across my body and hit my left hand right on the inside of the wrist. Knicked an artery and blood was squirting out like I was taking a leak, but in pluses. Blood on my clothes everywhere before I could get it back in the sheath. Good thing you heal fast when you young, I had enough pressure on it to make it stop bleeding by the time I walked home. Since I wasn’t bleeding anymore the only thing I had to worry about was getting caught. Some how I didn’t by throwing away my shirt and pants.