You are right, Freedom. ” I don’t think the people in the U.S. are all going for the lies, I say it is a 50/50 that see the lies but the numbers are getting bigger ”

Just like a person can not say that all South African’s support bombing innocent people – something Nelson Mandela was quite good at. And you can not say that all Russians and Ukrainians are bad.. The hatred some people have towards Russia is unhealthy.
My own personal experience is that Russian people are very good people. Mostly calm and in control – they think before they speak. They are proud people. They work hard and are honest in their business. And they’ve got beautiful strong. woman ! Surely they have the right to defend their people and country if being attacked. And they are not aggressive people… so why are people be so scared of them?

There is definitely good and evil in this world. And maybe there is a time for war. But I can not see how war can make the world a better place. It is breaking things down, just creating more sadness, pain and death. Isn’t it what evil wants – for human kind to suffer?

The evil media wants people to get emotional and then make emotional decisions . Even if that decision is to not stop them from killing innocent people. And by innocent people I mean MEN, women and children. I always wonder why it is okay to kill someones son, father or brother..? Can you replace your son or father?

Last thought for now – It is time to prepare for disasters that is not so natural. There is enough keyboard warriors in our modern world that think that WWIII will bring peace and prosperity on earth…