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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>tweva wrote:</div>MountainBiker – relax and enjoy your weekend I say. As odd, tragic and scurrilous as this event is….this is not ‘it’….IMHO…it is but one of many lead-up events. I predict we will never know the ‘truth’, this will be ‘topic of the day’ for a while…until it’s not and something else takes it’s place; bu,t none of the parties involved are gonna step of the cliff yet to start anything. My gut tells me it will be Israel that actually, and quite suddenly, starts the **** that will spiral into ww3. Just my opinion.

Tweva, I believe that too. You may enjoy the prophecies of Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain (Mt. Athos). I don’t know if the prophecies are spurious, but they are so realistic that they make total sense. They can be found all over the Orthodox Christian part of the Internet (just look up “Prophecies of Elder Paisios” in Google and press “Enter”) and, basically, indicate that the war will start precisely when the Israelis start to “rebuild” their temple at the current site of the Al Aqsa Mosque. I say “rebuild” in quotation marks because the temple was never there to begin with. The phony Temple Mount is actually the site of the old Roman fort called Antonia. The temple itself was on a lower mountain close by, which had a great source of water but is today a junkier part of Jerusalem, so the Israelis are pointing at a more distinguished area as the true site. And yes, the famous “Wailing Wall” actually helped to hold up the old Roman fort; it had nothing to do with the temple. Should this topic interest you, I can send you info. But, for the moment, let’s get back to Ukraine.

In a separate post, I have just restated that the old Roman judicial principle of “cui bono?” (“to whom goes the profit?”) normally points directly at the real culprit. As this country thrives on demonizing Russia, I knew, from the beginning of the Ukrainian tragedy, that Russia would be slandered again and again through false-flag attacks. Note that the plane was far off its normal course; that itself stank. That Russia would reap no benefit from such an act. That the U.S. and its Kiev puppet would reap the benefit of pushing their reluctant European allies into active hostility towards Russia. The situation is very clear.

This may help you to understand what is really happening in Ukraine:


And it is the Russians who demand a full investigation of the latest atrocity: