Well, I can pass on my tactical training to others. Teach them how to shoot, move, stay alive – how to fight. What works, what doesn’t.

Pretty good at designing and building things. Skills with metals and wood. Making tools. Making working drawings. If I got a blueprint and access to the right machines, then I can make it. If there are no machines, I’ve made things with a micrometer and a file before. Gunsmithing falls into this category.

Not so good at growing things. That’s more my wife’s purview. Which is weird, considering we live on a farm. We run cattle at the moment, so that’s not really “growing things”… I’m talking about plants, veggies, etc..

Meatball chemistry – not completely incompetent. Don’t really care about valance bonding, etc. I just need to know what + what makes what and what that might be useful for.

Mechanics – if it’s a machine, I can repair and maintain it. Within reason. If it can’t be repaired, then I will make a new one.

Just a small list.. there’s other stuff that might come in handy… like combining “making things” with meatball chemistry to create fractional distillation – ethanol (booze), kerosene from coal, etc.. Making things (like a ball mill) + meatball chemistry = gunpowder, etc..

It’s good to know how to do many things. Specialization is for bugs.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1