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Truth is flexible, give me the solid facts.

Solid fact 1: Paul Craig Roberts is one of the most intelligent men ever to come out of the Administration. And one of the best informed.

Solid fact 2: Cui bono? Only the U.S. and its Kiev puppet benefit from this crime. There is no way Putin would hand them that.

Solid fact 3: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/07/09/washingtons-arrogance-will-destroy-empire-paul-craig-roberts/


Those weren’t facts.<br>
Those were opinions and interpretations.

Supposition and guesswork do not equal fact.

I knew months ago that false-flag incidents to demonize Russia would be everywhere. The principle of “cui bono?” normally points out the true culprit.

This may help you to see the whole situation in real perspective:


And this: http://rt.com/news/173976-mh17-crash-questions-ukraine/