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Ok Let’s see, I studied Medicine and only practice Medicine for 2 1/2 years as a Surgeon so I can help with small bullet shoots were there is not a large organ hit, muscle repairs, large cuts can stitch you up.

Then I stopped Medicine and became a developer on land and homes which my father was for a long time. As a developer I was at the sites hands on watching everything that every sub-contractor did for over 20 years.

When I was 14 years old my father owned one of the largest electrical contractors in the City of Miami, this was in 1970, so he would take me to the jobs and I learned just about everything electrical for homes and commercial construction. I worked next to plumbers, framers, A/C contractors and so on. You just can’t believe all that I know.

Right now I am remodeling the bathroom on my own, finished the plumbing, electrical, framing, and am at the A/C duck work. After that will be putting in the tub, then tile the bathroom and then install the toilet and the cabinet with the sink. The house is from 1923 so I just purchased 8 new windows which will be delivered in three weeks so will be a window man. Some would say I am a handyman but I see a handyman do not have the experience of more then 20 years of the pros doing things in front of you like I do and many of though pros would have me join them in the jobs.

Now in 1999 I got into the internet and started some online businesses in the retail and information areas, I had to close them down in 2008 as we know that year was a good one! But I am still in the internet domain names business. I have some ideas on how to develop websites with Dream Weaver Software and other software systems.

Also know English and Spanish which maybe helpful.

So there you go,that is what I know, apart from what I know about survival.