Some people seem to be looking for reasons to kill people. Some people seem to be hungry for war. People died on the 17 th July. and many more died the day after in Gaza. And now some nations want to kill more people so that they can feel better? What a joke… a very sad joke. Because the very same people craving to kill people might just get their wish soon – but this time it will not be on television or some far away country – it will be at home in your very nice country of freedom. You will see death around you.

Be careful what you wish for.

One of the laws of the Bible is that it is wrong to lie. The U.S. government is lying to their people and I suddenly realized that the people see these lies as the truth, they are willing to fight and die for these lies (example? the reason we are in other countries killing people for the last ten years).
Now the the rest of the world is expected to also believe the lies (the reason we should not be seen as the world number one terrorists). The world looks at Americans wondering what goes on in their heads and hearts? The truth is there for all to see. Do they think we are stupid?