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Most modern day careers will be useless come TEOTWAWKI. I’m recently retired from being Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer where I worked. That is of no value whatsoever in a post-modern world. My having some experience gardening and canning and having some hearth cooking skills is useful however. I was was well compensated in my career. That’s meaningless after the SHTF but being fit and healthy enables me to handle some of the physical rigor that we’ll all face after the lights go out. Beyond specific skills acquired on or off the job, there is also the matter of personality type. Can you handle stress? Think logically? Do you have the good listening and negotiating skills to be an effective communicator? Do you play well with others so as to be able to function within a group?

As an aside, the first time I was typing this response we lost power, just briefly,but being it is a beautiful day ….no rain or wind…. it doesn’t take long to have the oh crap is something happening moment, and then the internet didn’t immediately come back when the computer came on again, further adding to “is something happening”. Not a good feeling.