I don’t mean war with another country. I mean war here...

Everyone is focused on the 50K kids down in the Southwest. Our resources are being diverted to deal with them, leaving the border wide open. Homeland goons cut off the ammo flow to the Border Patrol for a whole year or more? The **** is that about? They’ve bought BILLIONS of rounds… we know. We’ve seen the purchase orders. Our own government is aiding and abetting this situation…

FEMA has enough big black caskets (that can take 4 adult bodies) to bury 200 million of us. Why? FEMA camps everywhere. Homeland goons pre-positioning assets with “free” giveaways of military grade hardware and vehicles. Illegals sick with God-knows-what are disappearing and going… where? Tatted up gang members are being set loose in our communities by the hundreds of thousands…

PATRIOT Act and NDAA are in place….

I think all the pieces are finally where they’re supposed to be… the only card I haven’t thought of is the Economic Card. Once that gets played, well… who the hell knows?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1